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Our intuitive and algorithmic strategies perfectly merge human acumen with cutting-edge technology. By intertwining these strategies with the nuances of crypto spot trading, Gauge Street helps clients navigate the volatile digital asset landscape and harness its dynamism for potential growth.

Capitalize on Digital Asset Market Shifts

The ongoing market turbulence prompts institutional investors to reconsider their strategic digital asset allocations. As the rebalancing wave gains momentum, we identify countless opportunities to capitalize on the evolving crypto spot markets and enticing valuations via active management. In an arena filled with uncertainties, we advocate for a trading approach that's disciplined, diversified, risk-conscious, and agile.

Spot Market Liquidity Provision

The strategy specializes in creating tight bid-ask spreads, allowing traders enter or exit positions with minimal slippage. We consistently provide buy and sell orders, thus facilitating smoother trades for clients and enhancing price stability in the market. This approach is crucial in crypto market, where liquidity can often be fragmented across various platforms.

Dynamic Pulse Trading

In this approach we look for strong short-term directional movements and strategically enter positions to ride the wave, while simultaneously buying and selling equal dollar amounts to eliminate beta risk. This ensures we profit from the momentum without being exposed to broad market downturns, offering a blend of potential high returns with risk mitigation.

Multi-Dimensional Arbitrage

The decentralized nature of crypto markets often leads to price discrepancies, both within a single exchange and across multiple platforms. Our multi-dimensional arbitrage strategy capitalizes on these variances. This includes:
Token interrelation arbitrage (N-Way)
Given the myriad of tokens and their respective pairs, we identify and exploit price inefficiencies between different token pairs, leveraging the interconnectedness of the crypto ecosystem.
Cross-exchange arbitrage
By monitoring price differences of the same asset across different exchanges, we execute simultaneous buy and sell orders to capture risk-free profits.

Systematic Grid Trading

Our systematic grid trading approach is designed to capitalize on these oscillations. By placing a lattice of buy and sell orders at predefined intervals, we ensure that small profits are captured consistently, irrespective of the market's direction. This strategy is especially potent in range-bound markets, turning volatility into an advantage.

Algorithmic Precision Trading

This strategy leverages state-of-the-art algorithms, back-tested on historical data and refined using real-time market feeds. It allows us to systematically enter and exit trades based on a set of predefined criteria and remove human biases from the equation. Our quantitative approach ensures swift executions, maximizing potential profits.
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