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Bespoke solutions

In the multifaceted universe of crypto, one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each project and the intricacies of the crypto landscape, Gauge Street crafts bespoke solutions that resonate with your project's unique needs and aspirations.


High-performing Composite Solutions for Crypto Projects

At the confluence of advanced IT proficiency and financial acumen, our custom solutions stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Every crypto project is a distinct entity, with its own vision, challenges, and aspirations.
Our bespoke services ensure that this uniqueness isn't just acknowledged—it's celebrated and optimized. With us, your crypto project isn't just another token in the vast digital ocean; it's a pioneering force, poised for unparalleled success.
safeguarding the token

Risk Mitigation & Liquidity

Risk Management

We design bespoke hedging strategies to protect your assets from unexpected market swings. Our algorithms track evolving trends, macro factors, and geopolitical events to forecast potential risks and develop preemptive measures.

Liquidity Enhancement

Our teams work hard on perfecting mechanisms that boost token liquidity. From strategic asset reserves, partnerships with liquidity providers and market making, we ensure the token is fluid and easily tradable.

Seamless Transactions

Gauge Street crafts solutions and infrastructire to sufficiently reduce digital asset transaction costs, speed up processing times, and ensure every transaction adheres to the highest security standards.
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Custom Market Programs


Tailored Algorithmic Strategies

Gauge Street develops trading algorithms based on advanced mathematical models. that capitalize on market inefficiencies, arbitrage opportunities, and trend patterns, maximizing profitability for clients.

Automated Asset Purchase

Recognizing the need for timely asset acquisition, we design programs that automatically trigger purchases at the target price points. This not only ensures cost efficiency but also capitalizes on market opportunities in real-time.

Custom Market Analysis Tools

To back up the trading operations, we create custom tools that analyze market sentiment, track competitor movements, and forecast potential market shifts. These insights empower you to make informed decisions.
mission-critical market data

Integrated Tools & Dashboards

Live Data Dashboards

Our dashboards provide a holistic view of your project's financial metrics. From token distribution, transaction volumes, to liquidity pools, every metric is presented in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format.

Predictive Analytics

With the help of AI our tools don't just present data — they forecast trends. Predict potential market movements, liquidity shifts, and investor sentiment, giving you a foresight that's rare in the crypto world.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay promptly updated on everything that matters with real-time alerts. Whether it's a sudden price movement, a liquidity shift, or a regulatory update, our dashboards ensure you're never caught off guard.
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