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Treasury Solutions

We help companies respond to crypto's unique inherent challenges, offering strategic treasury management suite designed to shield their digital asset holdings from price volatility and build robust internal liquidity.

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Market making

Tech-enabled algorithmic strategies and deep market insight for organic token trading on CEX and DEX platforms.

We use a comprehensive set of tools to provide stable liquidity for our clients' token across major exchanges, thereby enhancing its visibility, price stability, and minimizing the spread between purchase and sale prices.
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Liquidity Management

Ensuring frictionless trading experience for your listed digital assets with robust liquidity framework.

Our liquidity management suite employs sophisticated strategies that constantly adjust to market dynamics, ensuring that your tokens remain liquid across major platforms, even during extreme market volatilities.
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Asset Accumulation & Liquidations

Highly efficient liquidity events and token accumulation with market impact in mind.

Our data-driven liquidation and accumulation strategies ensure maximum value extraction from each transaction and also position the token favorably in the market, fostering its long-term appreciation and stability.
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Tokenomics Structuring

Using unique data insights to build a solid foundation for token's future performance.

Launching a new token in the market requires more than just a compelling project; it demands strategic planning and execution. Our token placement advisory covers:
Pricing strategy
We employ a data-driven approach to determine the optimal release price for your token, balancing investor attraction and long-term value growth.
Exchange selection
Based on your token's profile, target audience, and strategic objectives, we recommend exchanges that offer the best fit in terms of visibility, liquidity, and cost-effectiveness.
Release dynamics
From determining the best time to launch to deciding on token distribution phases, we ensure that your ICO/IDO is strategically timed and executed to capture maximum market attention.
Derivative model portfolios
Our model portfolios offer a blend of expert guidance, disciplined strategy execution, and adaptability, ensuring alignment with our clients' unique objectives.
Regulatory guidance
We help token isssuers navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring that your ICO/IDO remains compliant with regional and global regulations.
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