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Gauge Street champions a unique blend of human intelligence and advanced technological methodologies to navigate the intricate world of crypto derivatives. Every solution we provide in this complex domain is calibrated to resonate with our clients' strategic objectives.

Global Tactical Derivative Allocation

GTDA at Gauge Street aims to maximize performance by leveraging information disparities and behavioural idiosyncrasies prevalent in the crypto derivatives market. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering performance, diversification, and optimal capital utilization.
Focused derivative strategies
We lean on in-depth research to identify pivotal themes that shape the future of crypto derivative prices. Our expertise ensures that strategy selection is aligned with overarching market themes and trends.
Derivative income solutions
Our crypto derivative income strategies prioritize risk while aiming to yield consistent returns. We believe in the potential of an unconstrained investment landscape, ensuring lucrative opportunities across diverse geographies, sectors, and derivative classes.
Dynamic derivative adjustments
Gauge Street's derivative strategies are meticulously structured to swiftly adapt to changing market dynamics, ensuring clients are always positioned advantageously.
Derivative model portfolios
Our model portfolios offer a blend of expert guidance, disciplined strategy execution, and adaptability, ensuring alignment with our clients' unique objectives.
Expert holistic governance
Our rich experience positions us uniquely to oversee the comprehensive investment and governance requirements of our clients.

Dynamic Derivative Liquidity Management

As the crypto derivatives market matures, the need for sustaining liquidity becomes vital. Our DDLM continuously ensures liquidity for a variety of derivative products, from futures to options. By actively monitoring and managing the order book, we enable clients to execute strategies seamlessly, even during peak volatility periods.

Trend-driven Derivatives Entry

Crypto market is known for its pronounced trends, and our TDDE strategy exists to identify and capitalizes on these movements in the derivatives space. Leveraging both futures and options, we take positions that align with the broader market direction, maximizing potential returns while using derivatives as a natural hedge.

Multi-Layered Arbitrage in Derivatives

Price discrepancies aren't confined to the spot market, and the derivatives market presents numerous arbitrage opportunities. Whether it's the futures market, different expiration dates, or varied strike prices in the options market, our MLAD strategy identifies and exploits these inefficiencies, capturing potential profits while maintaining a balanced risk profile.

Predictive Algorithmic Derivatives Trading

Using the power of advanced AI/ML models, the PADT strategy forecasts short to medium-term price movements in the crypto derivatives sector. By anticipating these shifts, we can take preemptive positions in futures and options, ensuring that we're always one step ahead of the market.
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