Next-gen market making and data solutions for crypto

A suite of algorithmic strategies to help crypto market players reclaim control over their asset market and liquidity
about us

Quantitative approach to digital assets powered by best-in-class infrastructure

Gauge Street provides institutional-grade analytics and research on tradable digital assets that helps clients make informed mission-critical decisions. We develop sophisticated, highly efficient algorithmic strategies that bring liquidity to the market and leverage arbitrage opportunities, while keeping highest standards of client transparency and trading practice.

How we help our clients


Our Strategies

Gauge Street employs a set of proprietary high-frequency trading strategies based on low-latency data feeds. This ensures companies gain timely intelligence on their asset liquidity and optimal, swift execution in any market situation.

Why companies choose us

Consistent performance

Solid track record and liquidity programs ensure robust results on the spot and derivative markets.

Top-grade infrastructure

High-frequency trading based on in-house trading algorithms to bring top performance and uptime.

Low-latency data feeds

Lightning-fast trade execution to capture market opportunities before everybody else does.

Integrity & Transparency

We uphold the highest ethical standards, earning trust as a benchmark for excellence in the financial community.
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