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Asset Hedging

Hedging instruments have transitioned into the crypto space from traditional markets, now helping investors manage their digital asset portfolio exposure amidst the ever-present price risks. Our team is equipped and ready to guide you through this dynamic landscape.

what is crypto asset hedging

Getting portfolio risk in full control. We handle it for you.

Hedging instruments, a longstanding fixture in traditional markets, have seamlessly transitioned into the crypto space, now helping investors manage their portfolio exposure amidst the constant presence of price risks.
We leverage years of experience and data insights to expertly manage digital asset and fiat risk exposure. Whether tackling intricate challenges or addressing broader scenarios, our hedging solutions ensure that your concerns are handled with proven expertise.
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Our Instruments


Crypto Forward Contracts

Purchase crypto assets at a predefined rate on a set future date. It's particularly beneficial for businesses operating internationally in the crypto domain, as it aids in managing exposure and in enhancing financial forecasting precision.

Digital Asset Orders

For those targeting specific exchange rates without immediate purchasing needs, a digital asset order can be employed to secure optimal rates.
Limit orders
Stop loss orders
One-cancels-the-others orders

Vanilla Crypto Options

A straightforward option granting you the choice (but not the obligation) to trade an asset at a set rate on a predetermined future date. It's an excellent tool for hedging against price drops while retaining the upside potential.
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