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Gauge Street is an emerging contender in quantitative market making space for crypto assets, offering both early-stage and mature projects high-performing liquidity solutions, covering dozens of leading exchange platforms. We pride ourselves in showcasing KPIs that resonate with and affirm our market-making prowess for every client.

what is market making

Strong liquidity and performance for tradable digital assets

As cryptocurrency matures and attracts increasing institutional capital, market makers become an integral part of the evolving ecosystem, bringing a smooth trading experience for all participants in the marketplace.
In our commitment to assisting early- and growth-stage crypto projects, we continually enhance our market making algorithms and infrastructure to ensure that the services we provide are flawless in every aspect that matters.
how we help clients

Claim full control of your token's market

Liquidity is the cornerstone of any financial market, and the crypto realm is no exception. Assets with low liquidity tend to manifest wide bid-ask spreads in their order books, thereby magnifying the asset's price volatility.

This situation poses a challenge for traders, hindering their ability to secure optimal prices for transactions or execute orders promptly. For tradable digital assets, market making brings forth a multitude of advantages:

Enhanced liquidity

Increase order book depth to promote organic trading activity, reduce trade execution time and performance.

Volatility control

Reduce abrupt and unpredictable price fluctuations, contributing to a more controlled and gradual price movement.

Fair price discovery

Ensures that prices are reflective of market demand and supply dynamics, fostering fairness in transactions.

Spread optimisation

Narrow bid-ask spreads within order books on exchanges to ensure that traders receive more favorable prices

Reduced slippage

Consistent liquidity provision helps prevent large orders from causing substantial price deviations.
why gauge street

Offering Highlights



Robust KPI-driven performance through spread and order books
Deep on-demand liquidity across leading CEX and DEX platforms
Seasoned team adept at trading with early-stage and mature projects


Advanced, institutional-grade analytical and trading software
Direct low-latency integration with over 40 exchanges
Live performance tracking, ensuring complete transparency and adaptability

Client service

Deep dive into client's trading ecosystem to understand key needs and set tangible goals
Monthly performance reports with granular trading data
Regular market reports, digests and analytical materials for clients
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